Spokane Valley Champions

9/29/17 Session

How do we play this again??

We’re back into the swing of things! Here’s what happened:

First of all, I COMPLETELY FORGOT SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT!! You remember I previously mentioned the thundering boom that you heard in these caves? Well, it’s still there! It occurs about every 2 minutes, and it’s loud enough to make the ground underfoot tremble. It doesn’t affect anything, but it’s pretty distinctive, and I should have reminded you about it. Whoops!

After a full rest in what seemed to be a safe room in the dungeon, you got back to adventuring. You first returned to a large cavern that you hadn’t fully explored…since when you first went there you were quickly attacked by hungry ghouls. After finding nothing much in that cavern, you moved to the southwest and explored a maze of passages that appeared to be old mining tunnels. It was here that a lurking ochre jelly ambushed your party. It first attacked (but missed) Evon, but unfortunately, poor Tarben was the one who took significant damage here. After learning an important lesson, (“Oh! Hitting this thing with slashing weapons just splits it into TWO NEW JELLIES!”), you prevailed over the jelly and moved on, (after Tarben cured some of his damage).

Moving north, you discovered a cavern with a pool in it. Your idiot DM started reading the wrong text, tipping you off that the pool was worth searching. You found an old skeleton wearing 2 valuable rings and clutching a wand, (which remains unidentified for now).

Moving to the east, you opened the door to a barracks. You and the barrack’s 5 bugbear inhabitants were equally surprised to see each other! This was a tough battle; the bugbears were well armored and skilled at fighting, and Salazar and Tarben both took a fair amount of damage here. In the end, though, you defeated the bugbears, and between Tarben’s clerical skills and healing potions, you healed up again. (N.B. In this context, “clerical skills” does NOT mean that Tarben is good at typing!)

To the northwest, you then discovered a promising-looking set of double doors. Upon opening them, you discovered the Black Spider himself…a drow (or dark elf) named Nezznar. Unfortunately, he also has company…a few giant spiders. <shiver>

That’s where we decided to call it a night. Dramatic music is playing, knuckles have been cracked, and it’s time to rumble!

Our next session is scheduled for October 27th at 7pm.


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